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Hi, I'm Katia, I'm a Phillip Island based yoga teacher. Whether you want to unwind from a busy working week or uplift your energy, nourish your body and dissolve your stress - I'll create the right yoga class to support you on your wellness journey.

Private yoga class in Phillip Island and San Remo

private classes

1-1 yoga in Phillip Island and San Remo

As you shift your energy into the weekend mode, it's helpful to shift your mindset and priorities too. A relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session will recharge your batteries and unravel tension leaving you relaxed and energised, ready to fully embrace your weekend on the island.

Enjoy a Feel-good flow 1-1 class or book a session for someone special.

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Yoga by the sea
small group classes

An outstanding day starts with a mindful morning. Set the tone of your day with a yoga class by the sea. It's the perfect way to enjoy healthy movement, wake up your body and create a calm, relaxed mind at the picturesque location on the beach on the beautiful Phillip Island. Take some time out to find peace within nature.

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Private 1-1 yoga classes and programs online


1-1 online yoga program

1-1 online yoga is like having a personal trainer but for yoga. Treat yourself and enjoy the wellness experience in the comfort of your own home.

Approachable personalised yoga program will help you to transform your well-being and help you to move toward a specific mental or physical goal.

"Katia is a terrific yoga teacher and I really enjoyed her class (in fact, I signed up for another one immediately!). I liked that she had asked me in advance what I wanted to accomplish, and what issues I had (in my case, a bad lower back) and designed a class that was perfect for me. That’s a real luxury. I’ve been doing yoga for years, but learned new things from Katia that helped my lower back."

– Laurel from New York, USA

private class

1-1 yoga in Phillip Island and San Remo

Private 1-1 yoga class in Phillip Island

Make your private yoga session special in any location on the island. Whether you prefer to connect with nature's elements on a beautiful beach or at a privacy and convenience of your holiday home.

New to yoga, or looking to take things slow?
Private yoga classes are a great way to start. The introductory session is broken down into slow, approachable segments where you can move into postures safely at your own pace.

Time to slow it all down and take time for yourself.
Balance is not something we find, it is something we cultivate. A more mellow class with a cleansing breathwork, nourishing movement will bring balance to your life, giving you crystal-clear energy for the day ahead.

Couples who practice together - stay together.
Amplify your connection and energy together with a flowing movement yoga session. We will connect breath awareness, intention setting and asanas. We finish with a very special meditation for couples.

TIME: 75min.
PRICE: AUD $95 for 1-2 persons.

Eco-friendly quality yoga mats. Traveling to the location of your choice in Phillip Island or San Remo.
For large groups please contact to discuss options.

"The yoga experience with Katia was like no other. Katia took the time to explain the background of yoga as a practice, each movement and the importance. I’ve participated in many yoga classes over the years, however none as beneficial and joyful as Katia's. Can’t wait to go again!"

– Lizle from from Melbourne, Australia

"I am not advanced yoga practitioner, I am rather slowly getting back to practice and it was exactly what I needed. Katya’s pace was just perfect for my resilient body. Clear, professional instructions, personal attention to my needs and great vibes! Thank you Katia!"

– Tatiana from Merida, Mexico

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Yoga by the sea
small group classes

Airbnb Experiences Yoga in Phillip Island Red Rock beach

Practise by the ocean and enjoy the natural elements - sunshine (Vitamin D), ion rich ocean breezes (fresh air therapy) and relaxing ocean soundscape. A one hour multi-level Vinyasa inspired low-impact flow class includes an integral approach combining yoga asanas, correct posture alignment and stress releasing yogic techniques.

Small group classes are hosted through the Airbnb Experience Platform. Get inspired with a short video on my Airbnb listing and check out the excellent participants reviews.

"Me and my besties gave this a go on our little vacay away. Absolutely loved the experience. I do yoga from home but to do it on the beach and with such an expert of a teacher was a great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed our session and would definitely say give it a go. Thank you Katia for an amazing Session."

– Sarah from Melbourne, Australia

"First time doing Yoga and enjoyed every bit about it. Katia was a great instructor and the location on red rock beach was a perfect fit."

– Heshan from Melbourne, Australia

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1-1 online yoga program

Online private 1-1 yoga classes

Prerecorded online classes can feel too generic without opportunity to interact and take your practice to a deeper level. 1-1 yoga class can give you the tools to personalise your practice.

Strengthen after past injuries or increase joint mobility in the areas impacted by long periods of sitting and beat tech neck tension. Break old habits and explore new rhythms that will transform your practice and improve your health on and off the mat. Learn yogic breathing technique that will help to reduce stress, anxiety and boost energy. It's also a powerful anti-aging tool.

Our work together will inspire you to gain good health on the physiological level, find a balance between action and relaxation on the mental level and spiritually experience inner peace.

Our sessions are more than just a workout or stretch. They are designed to accommodate your lifestyle, health, body type and your schedule. Each class has a holistic layered approach of the mind-body-breath connection. It includes safe posture adjustments according to your body type, breath work, guided relaxation techniques, some lifestyle recommendations and always a bit of fun. After the class, prepare to leave feeling physically and mentally recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed.

We start with a chat on Zoom or WhatsApp to ensure if we are right fit. From there we'll create a plan to work together and determine style, frequency and intensity level that's suits you. For more information please refer FAQ below.

Ready to invest in yourself and live a more balanced and healthier life?

"Katia knows her stuff. I have been doing yoga on and off for over 30 years but hate to practice alone. She asked about my needs ahead of time and it was clear that as she was working with me. She adjusted to my level. She was thoughtful, attentive, and created just the right atmosphere. I would take another class with her any time."

– Elizabeth from Los Angeles, USA

"It's a pleasure to recommend Katia. She modified our practice to accommodate my husband, who is recovering from shoulder bursitis and hip issues. The class helps him build muscle strength to support his problem areas. It's good to have someone who understands how to modify poses so your practice can be challenging yet not stressful to your body."

– Evelyn from Orange, USA


How does online sessions work?
The classes are hosted via Zoom platform. I'll send you a link in email along with instructions. Each class is approximately 75min.

What's your rates?
Private yoga rates are comparable to personal trainer rates. For your tailor-made program I'll give a quote during our initial free discovery call.

What equipment do I need?
You’ll need a mat, two blocks, a blanket, and a strap and the stable internet connection.

How long is the program?
Working towards your wellness goal and to start seeing progress I recommend you commit to a minimum of 4 week with 1-2 classes a week.

I've never done yoga before, do you work with beginners?
Yes! It will be my pleasure to introduce you to yoga and take you through the safe way to do postures and make the most out of your yoga practice.

I have injuries/disability. Can you work with me?
Over the years I've helped many people with various degrees of injuries or disabilities. Drop me a line to discuss your specific needs.

Where are you based?
I teach yoga from Phillip Island, VIC, Australia and work with students from different parts of the world. Some of my clients are based in Australia, America, Canada and Mexico.

my story

Hi, I'm Katia.
When I see in my students how the yoga transforms their life in so many positive ways it fires up my passion to help more people on their journey to wellness. I specialise in creating unique personalised private and small group yoga classes to suit individual health and lifestyle needs. Over the years I’ve helped professional sportspeople, event planners, architects, accountants, physiotherapists, models and young moms.

I studied yoga full time on an authentic residential teacher training course in an ashram based in Rishikesh India, known as the yoga capital of the world. Learning the essence of yoga and the mind-body-breath connection, anatomy and safe alignment. My goal is give students the tools and techniques to access their own unique body’s needs, center themselves and discover the benefits of yoga practice to assist their modern lifestyles.

I've been practising yoga for over 10 years, teaching around the world and I've managed my own yoga studio in Mexico too. I’m a Yoga Alliance USA accredited Teacher. I split my time between Phillip Island and Melbourne where I also work with advertising agencies as a freelance digital designer.

Yoga with Katia in Phillip Island Australia

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Private yoga Classes Terms and conditions:
The attendance of yoga classes is conditional upon your acceptance of the following terms and conditions: 1. You acknowledge and understand that participation in classes might be physically demanding. 'Yoga with Katia' assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing. 2. If you suffer from specific injuries or disease it is best to consult with your physician first. Please advise us of any medical or physical conditions which may affect your ability to participate in classes. 4. All packages must be used within 1 month from the purchase date. 5. Classes must be prepaid. Sales are final and non-refundable. 5. If you need to change the class time/date please advise 24h before the class otherwise it will be void.